If I say,

 “I will not 

mention Him,

or speak  any more 

in His name,”

there is in my heart

as it were a burning fire

shut up in my bones,

and I am weary

with holding it in,

and I cannot.


Jer. 20:9


art & faith —

I'm a Christian & I write songs.


I know I'm not the first person who, in trying to form that sentence, has struggled a great deal to form it correctly. You say you're a Christian songwriter & some listeners may peg your music for soft rock with predictable lyrics—but in trying to distance yourself from these stereotypes it's all too easy to overcompensate & distance yourself from the beliefs as well.


I can't distance myself or my music from my beliefs. I think, early on at least, I wanted to—but somewhere between high school & art school I realized that I couldn't keep my mouth shut. Watching peers embrace lifestyles saturated with sex, drugs, cynicism & self-satisfaction stirred something fiery in me. Someone needs to say something, I realized. And someone needs to set an example.


No, I don't write worship music or "inspirational" music (at least not the kind you're thinking of); and no, I'm not seeking a predominantly Christian audience. What I write & what I seek is generational change, & soft rock isn't my M.O.

filmed by Nicholas Hanson, edited by Alma Cook 

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