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Corinne Bailey Rae, Emily King, José James, Norah Jones


Originally from Wisconsin, Alma Cook is an LA-based singer-songwriter with a passion for starting conversations about the human condition. These conversations take many shapes—prose, public speaking, discussion groups—but songwriting is Alma's favorite medium. Through poignant original arrangements that borrow from pop, jazz, neosoul, spoken word, and folk, she tells stories about the sides of human nature many of us would rather sweep under the rug. 

With the release of Alma's 2014 album Tactics, her clever lyrics and strong vocal delivery drew attention from media outlets and independent radio stations across the country and overseas, landing Alma features in Songwriting Magazine and Popwrapped as well as airplay on stations like Radio Nova Portugal, Radio One Chicago, and Groundsounds. Since then she has released a series of other singles: "Hearsay" (2018), a hard-hitting pop track about human trafficking; "Surefire" (2018), a melancholy EDM ballad; & twin songs "King" & "Queen" (2019), which dish out harsh words for a boy who probably deserved it.  Alma is currently finishing her second full-length album.


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Twitter/Instagram: @HearAlma

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