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Choosing the topic.

What do you care about? Is there a character trait, issue, or experience you want to gather more perspectives on? No topic is too big or small, specific or general, controversial or safe. Love, truth, joy, mistakes, confidence, wisdom, the high road, beauty, anger…the options are endless!


Think about how you want to frame the discussion. Do you have specific questions for your guests? Do you want your guests to bring an example of the topic as seen in today's culture, like a song or illustration? Your house, your rules.

Extending the invitation.

A good invitation will adequately inform guests about your event, giving them the obvious details of what, when & where. A great invitation will inspire them to think more about your topic & engage their curiosity.


Finally, make sure your guests know what to bring. Our own OFT events have always had two calls to action: (1) bring food & (2) bring an example of the topic found in everyday life/culture/art.

Toast time.

Enjoy your brunch! Fry up the toast & have fun.


If your guests don't already know each other, make sure everybody is well-acquainted before digging into the discussion—being vulnerable with strangers is hard!


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