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APRIL 21, 2015 – A new spoken word piece about sex is bound to get me in trouble—but "Hypocrite" is more about walking the walk than about being abstinent.

People have a lot to say about sex. Who's having it, who's not having it, who's having it with guys, who's having it with girls, who's having too much, who's not having enough. The people in this discussion are beautifully diverse, spanning all ages, genders, sexualities, races & faiths, & the opinions are as diverse as the people voicing them.


In a few days, I'm going to be adding my own voice to the cacophony, & I'm terrified. My fear, I think, speaks to how difficult it is to navigate the fine line between tolerance & grace, especially when it concerns a subject that so intimately (in the truest sense) affects every human. This is all besides the fact that I've never had sex & run the risk of sounding unqualified, or worse, conceited.

But at its core, my new spoken word piece "Hypocrite" isn't about your sexual choices. It's not telling you to "save yourself for marriage" or "keep it in your pants" or whatever other trivial phrases we throw around in this sacred conversation. "Hypocrite" demands one thing of you: walk the walk if you're going to talk the talk, & if that's too much for you, quit talking.


That means that if you're a Christian (or a Muslim, Orthodox Jew, Mormon, even Buddhist) you should take time to recognize what's expected of you. Then take time to consider why. Then ask yourself if you're down with that. 


If you've done your homework & are convinced that extramarital sex is totally cool with your religion, my mistake. "Hypocrite" is not for you. But if there's any part of you that thinks you're drawing that conclusion because it's convenient & not because it's true, "Hypocrite" is inviting you to rexamine where your loyalties lie.


  • An appeal to people of faith to walk consistently with what they say they believe



  • A condemnation of all sexually active people

  • A proposal that sexual sin is the worst of all sins

  • Written from a soapbox

  • Only directed towards women

That's all it's doing. If you're hurt by it or think I'm out of line, please talk to me! I truly want to show open-mindedness & understanding. But know that my intention is to build up, not tear down, to speak the truth in love because I believe the risk of silence outweighs the risk of offending you.


I care about you. <3 Thanks for reading!