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Tactics by Alma

Blind Side

Project: Tactics

Year: 2014

lyrics —

It's just a trick of the light 
That makes your teeth look brighter than white. 
Your skin doesn't really shine; 
It just caught the glare off mine for a second, darling. 

I could say that you're too tall, 
With flavor that dissolves when you look at the long haul, 
'Cause beneath the superficial lies and the doe eyes 
You're not a pretty creature after all. 

But it's not true; 
I'll never justify my blind side like I want to. 
It's not about you, 
But I'm gonna let hindsight clear up my view. 

Don't even gotta pretend 
That they don't stop when you walk in. 
'Cause no matter the time they spend, 
You're just a one hit wonder to them; they don't love you, darling. 

I could say it's the first time 
I noticed you'd arrived turning heads with your hands tied, 
And I could say I never stare at your black hair 
With envy that could eat a girl alive. 


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