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Pass It On by Alma

Chicago (Beacons)

Project: Pass It On

Year: 2012




lyrics —

Chicago wind, you smell of cigars again, 
But I'll still blow a kiss your way. 
The rumors are true: we're steadily smothering you, 
But it's my breath stolen today. 

Not for the first time, my chest expands 
For a breath as only you could understand. 
It won't be the last time that I open my hand, 
Try to catch a little beauty where I can, Chicago. 

Chicago train, you're braving that labor pain, 
Though your baby's bound to leave you down the road. 
You've shown me the price of living this double life, 
But you rock me and let me feel at home. 

Does anyone ask you if your wheels get tired 
Of turning down the freedom they desire? 
Does ever it hit you that there's a murderous fire 
Coursing through your each and every wire, Chicago? 

Chicago lights, backdrop to that paradise 
That lured me from the narrow and the straight. 
The night that I ran was the night that my trouble began, 
But your beacons never wandered in the wait, no. 

I've got to tell you that the look in your eye, 
The reason that they call you the shy (Chi) 
Is the reason I love you. It's the way that you sigh, 
The way your voice breaks when you cry, Chicago.

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