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For a Poet by Alma

For a Poet

Project: (Single)

Year: 2014

lyrics —

I'm a wary walker, if you notice; 
My feet are ever on the ground. 
So at the thought that maybe I care for a poet, 
They altogether shut down. 

Somebody, tell me I'm breathing; 
Oh, I don't know why, but I get so shy. 
I'm gonna run out of reasons 
Not to go on & give you a try. (It's just that you're a…) 

Sweet, sweet talker & you flaunt it; 
Every color means go. 
Even if between the red & the green was the blue you wanted, 
You wouldn't wanna go slow. 

But I like what I'm hearing, 
Got your words so moving, your voice so soothing. 
I don't know what I'm fearing, 
But I know that I'm afraid of losing you, baby. 


I understand if you're getting tired 
And if I broke you down to the end, 
'Cause when you set my heart on fire, 
I just stop-drop-roll it again. 
You know I'm kind of a fighter; 
I fight to keep me the way I been, 
But you're something I could really admire 
No matter how I pretend. 

I like to think that I'm above my emotions, 
Calculated & wise. 
So at the thought of my love for a poet, 
I wanna cover my eyes. 

'Cause how am I supposed to focus? 
I can't say no when you look so—oh. 
I'm hard-headed & hopeless, 
But through it all I want you to know this: 


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