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Tactics by Alma

Head Rush

Project: Tactics

Year: 2014

lyrics —

I’m not so small as they try to market; 
I’m not so calm, nor am I so harmless. 
Mine is not a fire fed by chemical, 
And what kind of Lover would I be if I didn’t let you know? 

I’m not in line with the clean-cut kindness, 
Like, “Just knock ten times if you need some guidance.” 
But I know what you’re made of, I know what you’re hungry for—
And what kind of Lover would I be if I didn’t want it more? 

So if at the ride’s end you’re ever tired & weak 
And find you’re needing someone 
To confide in, you can abide in Me; 
I can be your all, ‘cause 


There’s still time 
To love you like I hope to someday. 
Pay no mind; 
She’s only in it for the head rush anyway. 

I’m not so vain that I need to impress you, 
And you’re not so brave that I need you at My rescue. 
Don’t matter what you do, it doesn’t matter who’s involved— 
What kind of Lover would I be if it mattered at all? 

So you might’ve fought Me, you might’ve thought I lied 
Or thought you caught Me tongue-tied. 
It didn’t phase Me; turn the page & find 
I’m not gonna change My mind, ‘cause 


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