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Tactics by Alma

Tactics (Interlude)

Project: Tactics

Year: 2014

lyrics —

The blame shifts, the game drifts, 
But can we gauge the status of our tameness? 
Each society has a laugh at improprieties of the past that 
I'm not so sure that we're really past yet. 

But we've got tactics—always unafraid to be 
Trading up the old chains for a new brand of slavery. 
Making apathy from tolerance, indulgence from desire, 
Piling it onto a soapbox that's only getting higher, 

And before you know it, we're on fire. 
Say that you're inspired, but I don't think you understood me, 
Walking around like, "No shame about the way that we're wired, 
'Cause how we're wired is exactly how we should be." 

And it could be, so hit me with your best defense, 
And Operation Do-Whatever-You-Feel, commence; 
But if you listen, I have a lesson for the choir & the critics 
Called the First Law of Spiritual Physics.

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