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session vocals & arranging —

Arranging & studio session vocals


Years before I earned a vocal degree or even considered a career in music, I was studying, transcribing & arranging pieces by my favorite artists.  I didn't think of it as educational—but looking back, that independent work grew me in ways no classroom could.


If you like what you hear in my discography, I would love to work as an arranger &/or vocalist on your next project!  Depending on your needs/budget, I can help you by:


  • Crafting tasteful harmonies for voice or other melodic instruments.

  • Executing those harmonies efficiently in a studio setting.

  • Notating the arrangements in a beautiful, compact way so that you can easily pass them on to future bandmates. (Sample PDF: "Blind Side")



Lessons & workshops


My ongoing experience as a working singer/songwriter—as well as my history of dabbling in many genres including pop, jazz, folk, R&B & hip hop—puts me in a unique position to coach young voices & aspiring songwriters.  


Voice curriculums are personalized to suit the needs & goals of each student as we work together to explore vocal fundamentals, applicable new techniques & stylistic mindfulness. Songwriting lessons & workshops are equally customizable, helping students realize their untapped creativity.

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